It is almost time for the Parliament to go into recess, but here are some major changes that has been made to South African law this week

BREAKING NEWS: The constitutional review committee has adopted the report to allow for land expropriation without compensation despite objections from DA and smaller parties

Expropriation without compensation is a done deal – all that’s left is the formalities

SA parliament a complete circus – Brawl breaks out between MP members during a National Assembly seating where president Ramaphosa was responding to questions in parliament

Comrade Julius Malema sworn in as a member of Joint Committee on Ethics and Members Interest in Parliament – what a joke!

Physically disciplining your children? A total ban is now one step closer

Once again taxpayers will have to pay for the sins of the ANC-regime – SAA, Post Office and other ailing SOEs to receive billions in cash-bailouts

Some ministerial homes vacant for eight year while millions of rand have been spent on their upkeep, funded by you the tax payer

Self-Defence Gun Ban – The ANC Government Wants You Murdered

New fears about medical aid law changes may cause ‘doctor drain’

The EFF denies internal problems after 10 members lose parliamentary seats

Hospices close doors nationwide after funding cuts: Dying of the light

ANC party on collision course with Parliament on land – majority of participants did not favour the amendment of the Constitution

First hearing on land expropriation full of tension, threats of violence

In which direction is South Africa heading?