Criminals in ranks! – Gauteng SAPD officers, amongst truck hijacking suspects – What is becoming of the SAPD force one has to ask?

EFF leader Julius Malema best known anti-white, hate speech ranting villain is receiving blue-light protection – at the cost of the taxpayer – where is the protection for the farmers of the white South African Minority Group?

Some official good news for motorists:- Petrol prices set to be slashed in December

The murder of Siam Lee: Shocking details of her murder emerge in court

Julius Malema’s debt just gets bigger and more in respect of Afriforum after a miserable day in court:- PAYBACK THE MONEY JUJU

Farm attack: Farmer shot 8 times in front of children, terrorists open fire on kids

Good heavens, here we go again, the waste of taxpayer’s money:- Port Elizabeth, the Airport and Uitenhage set to be renamed, here are the new options

Expropriation without compensation is a done deal – all that’s left is the formalities

On a lighter but serious note:- A well-known Action Movie personality to visit South Africa to tackle a survival fight

Blatant racism discrimination on whites: Several white teachers fired to accommodate blacks at Gauteng High School

Terrorists threaten to throw fuel over a farmer near Potchefstroom and set him on fire during farm attack

Parliament confirms that there will be no VAT reduction for three years

Cape Town’s warning to Festive Season motorists:- Pay outstanding fines or risk arrest

Now Julius Malema must ‘PAYBACK THE MONEY’, just a sip of his own medicine – He EFT R126 000 to AfriForum

National bankrupt broadcaster SABC, splurges millions, footed by taxpayers, on parties and bonuses while retrenching hundreds of workers