The Sugar Industry Regulations have been gazetted

The Rand is firm for now, but Moody’s delays ratings move!

The DA outlines immigration plan to deal with our ‘porous borders’

The MyCiti bus strike continues in Cape Town

FOUR of the most notorious liberal traitors to the Afrikaner nation- Smuts, Voster , De Klerk and Botha

Seems like somebody wanted to blow up a section in the Kruger National Park – Pipe bomb discovered last week

Chaos at Sars IT, the overhaul will cost R1bn to fix, but it is now on hold!

Consumers are warned of second increase in VAT to make up for shortfalls that were stolen by ANC-politicians

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen with granite counter tops, you may want to check that the granite is not coming from your local graveyard

This is how election campaigns work in SA, you give a free T-shirt and the vote is yours

Nowadays fuel  are becoming a luxury in SA –  Motorists are going to cough up to fill that fuel tank

WATCH: AfriForum talks about farm murders on Sky News – Horrific facts on farm murders in SA and ANC regimes denial are now going vital internationally

MEDICAL RESEARCH:- Are probiotics boosting SA’s digestive health industry growth?

University of the Western Cape research identifies 130 new skin viruses

Land reform will cause war in SA because it’s unconstitutional – Mosiuoa Lekota