African mentality in SA exceeds all expectations – Is there still environment where education can take place peacefully – Violence is destroying education system, burning down schools in black neighbourhoods is increasing

Over 200 truck drivers have been subject to violent attacks in 2019 and more than 2000 vehicles have been damaged by illegal blockades, stoning and arson

Rail transport system is already non-existent and now truck transport is in jeopardy – Trucks across SA in flames due to arson and attacks

40% of Metrorail trains are out-of-service either for maintenance, vandalism, arson or accidents; only half the rest have the standard 12 carriages

African mentality in SA exceeds all expectations – If we fail then we burn down the schools!

St Francis Bay fire: Mayor blames “informal settlers” for causing the blaze

Hooliganism at its best in South-Africa – Grade 12 pupils torched school and assaulted deputy principal during matric rampage

Numsa members responsible for the devastating fire of a factory in Ladybrand

Land expropriation without compensation, South African farmers face a dark, depressing and uncertain future

So world here is our beloved country…a rainbow nation in despair!

Train burning saga – is there more that meets the eye?

Four schools torched in a week: It’s a disgrace! – Hundreds of children will be affected by the vandalism


Eshowe police switch focus to farm arsonists

Cause of Knysna fires needs to be determined quickly