Ramaphosa signs Internet censorship bill into law – there will be a definite potential for abuse in terms of infringement of free speech

SABC head in deep trouble for wrongful broadcasts of Ramaphosa

ANC regime gets billed for R100m for 35,000 election posters – The taxpayer will probably now have to shake his pockets to pay the bill?

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Ramaphosa’s praises of dictator Mugabe is a slap in the face of millions of Zimbabwean residents who had to flee the country

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Cyril remains silent as SA burns to the ground

SA is collapsing and the bad conditions will put residents at the same level as Zimbabwe’s people

ANC purchased votes – ANC spends R70 million to update membership fees and register new members

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Taxpayers will now have to bailout the Ramaphosa regime after Moody lost patience with SA’s poor economic situation and proposes a tax increase

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