Left-wing media and its journalists were apparently bribed by Bosasa and form part of the corruption scandal

After the ANC regime came to power in 1994, South Africa became a completely corrupt state, the statement being proved daily by the skeletons now being excavated by the Commission of State Inquiry

Is anyone actually surprised that former president Jacob Zuma is implicated by Angelo Agrizzi in Bosasa’s nest of corruption and where he allegedly received R300 000 per month in bribery money

Watch: Motorist refuses to pay alleged bribe to traffic cops after he was fined for “over speeding”

Wherever you go in SA, corruption is thriving! Corruption has now also emerged at International Airport OR Tambo after security officer received a bribe from a foreign traveler

Rolling Blackouts in South Africa Because Treasonous ANC Regime Sells Best Coal To China and Uses Proceeds Elsewhere?

Gerrie Nel is going after one of the biggest sharks in the tank Ford Motors

State Capture Inquiry schedule for Today & Friday: Hogan, Gordhan testimonies postponed

This ‘gift’ of R370bn from China needs to be scrutinised, don’t you think??

Black business group claims that Gordhan must go due to his actions against black managers and state-owned entities

Confirmation from Treasury – Eskom looting was an inside job

International Animal Rights Conservationist Languishes in Irish Asylum System Awaiting Protection Order

France Colonises African Football Talent to Win World Cup – NO African Nation Made it to the last Stages!