Traitor de Klerk: Ramaphosa must speed up transfer of title deeds to blacks since this could do more to transform South Africa than any other single initiative

Traitor of the white Afrikaner people, Roelf Meyer trusts that Ramaphosa is the right person to revive and restore rainbow nation to its previous glory

Traitor de Klerk declares that all isn’t doom and gloom in SA and if ANC wins and Ramaphosa keeps his promises, things will get better

How ironic, traitor now wants to become a knight in shining armour – Roelf Meyer who was part of the negotiation process to sell out SA to ANC now wants to save SA

Suddenly the traitor FW de Klerk is experiencing a sense of remorse after he handed SA over to the ANC-regime on a silver platter – FW de Klerk says SA can no longer be regarded as non-racial society

Makhosi Khoza, African National Congress MP, hits back at claims that she ‘insulted’ ANC colleagues.

Racist, traitorous, anti-white EU leaders hold sham migration summit with their African partners in Crimes against Humanity