Holidaymakers will now have to pay more for that long-awaited holiday due to rise in fuel prices

Eskom to cut 60% of Soweto households’ power supply – Seems like #blackprivilege don’t apply in black residential areas at the expense of honest payers

Senior ANC official dissatisfied with his second-hand Mercedes Benz which costs taxpayers R103,776 monthly and seeks brand new one – No wonder SA is broke!

Transnet wasted almost R50 billion, most of which is used to buy trains that cannot be used in SA

Zuma branded as defaulter, owes R12,517 for unpaid school fees, maybe he must consider subsidy?

Another waste of taxpayer’s money! – Millions down the drain as Tshwane houses will have to be demolished and rebuilt

ANC piggy bank is empty – ANC regime owes municipalities R165 billion

The Department of Home Affairs faces about R2 billion in claims due to their inability to meet expected services as well as incompetence to maintain law and order in its immigration department

First Gupta house under the hammer – property apparently occupied by controversial ANC secretary general Ace Magashule’s son

ANC regime’s debt to SA municipalities exceeds R1bn

R100 – that’s how much Soweto residents want to pay Eskom for electricity each month

The Department of Tourism is setting up a ridiculous trap gate costing taxpayers R4.5 million to promote tourism

ANC’s 30,000 election posters cost R100 million

SA debt burden sky-high, municipalities bankrupt, SOE’s a huge burden on taxpayers’ shoulders, and ANC regime not capable to find solutions that are feasible and effective

13.8 million people in SA, are living on less than R19 a day, according to the 2019 Household Affordability Index