SA’s past cannot be rewritten or changed – EFF’s motion to remove so-called colonial symbols across SA promotes racial polarization

ANC regime just cant resist the old folks money – State still wants to use pensioners funds as a bailout for bankrupt SOE’s

SA legal system fails country’s residents – criminals get away with crimes where only 1 in 40 hijackers is charged with crimes

The ANC’s plans to combat crime in SA are failing

New R28.6 billion project at Ethekwini Municipality just another initiative for ANC government to waste money

New multi-million project for Eastern Transvaal raises eyebrows – So far all ANC regime projects have failed and cost taxpayers millions

Multimillion rand scandal exposed at black trade union Fawu

Power outages cost SA millions of rands a day and could mean an economic downfall

Eskom load shedding may have been applied over Nersa not approving electricity supplier’s tariff increase and is now used as leverage to manipulate the initial decision

#RollingBlackouts are back due to a shortage of power generation at Eskom power stations contributed by lack of skill

Playing the race card when all else fail – Zuma: I’m being victimised because I’m black

Why jobs for skilled foreigners? What about about jobs for skilled white South Africans? ANC-regime prioritising immigration reform to attract skilled foreigners

Durban mayor’s logic is questioned – wants to close Durban port to become independent of Western imperialism

The ANC’s new struggle is far more complicated – it apparently means to stop the disintegration in the ANC faction

Ramaphosa plans to pay Eskom’s R440bn debt burden off but no one knows how