Farm attack: Farmer shot 8 times in front of children, terrorists open fire on kids

White farmer in trouble with the EFF and IEC, they WANT to campaign for next year’s Election

AfriForum hand deliver copy of Kill the Boer to President Cyril Ramaphosa

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The two Coligny farm workers to be sentenced

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FROM NOW ON, NEWS24 WILL BE KNOWN AS FAKE-NEWS24 – Allow me to tell you a little cautionary tale regarding the media

Trump has caused quite a stir amongst the Libs in SA with his recent Tweet

ANC regime brace yourself, your land grabs and farm murders are finally being investigated by USA President Donald Trump!

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Australian Parliament Officially Sites and Condemns Genocidal Political Culture of Racist Violence Against Whites in South Africa

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Russian Delegation Headed to South Africa to Discuss Resettlement Plan with Oppressed Boers Seeking Asylum (Video)