Ramaphosa creates the impression that racism is only a white problem

BLF-leader declared war on white people in South Africa – Calls for slaughtering of whites, including women and children

BLF claims that white blood will be spilt – Brutal racist attack by BLF Members on white female advocate at The Johannesburg High Court and no arrests made in-spite of witnesses and CCTV footage

Double standards at SAPS –  Attack at doctors living quarters get more attention than gruesome farm attacks and murders

Like Spur, Discovery will find out that racial discrimination does not work

Racial discrimination: South-Africans can now get free shares in Discovery Bank by depositing money with it – that is of course only if you are Black!

Blatant racism discrimination on whites: Several white teachers fired to accommodate blacks at Gauteng High School

WATCH VIDEO | How Long Will The White Farmers Of South Africa Survive?

Tom Moyane seeks ConCourt intervention as his time runs out

The National Defense Force is looking for white recruits to join the army


The forgotten white people of South Africa that is hidden by the media

Constitutional Court ruled that the word “Boer” – as used in a so-called struggle song – is not in itself hate speech

Neo Mongwaketse, Absa manager: “Your white shit arrogance lead to that torture and for white like you, I feel no pity”

FW de Klerk says white people in South-Africa will be forced to leave the country