The forgotten white people of South Africa that is hidden by the media

Constitutional Court ruled that the word “Boer” – as used in a so-called struggle song – is not in itself hate speech

Neo Mongwaketse, Absa manager: “Your white shit arrogance lead to that torture and for white like you, I feel no pity”

FW de Klerk says white people in South-Africa will be forced to leave the country

Lets Boikot Clicks like we did to Spur: Affirmative action’ employee attacks white customer

Kovsies: White students and their history are not welcome on campus – EFF is now in control

White employees excluded from racist Sasol’s new BEE share scheme

Land expropriation: Limit land ownership to 12 000 hectares per white farm owner and give the rest to the state without compensation says, says Mantashe

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Vicki Momberg has been granted leave to appeal prison sentence

When blatant ‘hate speech’ becomes ‘art’ – the singing of old struggle song at international choir competition

No end to double Standards! – Velaphi Khumalo called for white South Africans to be subjected to what ‘Hitler did to the Jews’ has been told to issue a public apology as punishment for racial utterances

DA party file racism complaint after doctor tells MP to adjust her “white mentality”

Charges laid, social media racist attacks by SAPS and SANDF members