SA is one of 8 states threatened by famine – All the more reason for competent governance!

NWO Globalism in SA: Mboweni has a screw loose, he now wants to open Lesotho’s borders to form one-state with SA

Counterfeit South African Passports Are Big Business as Other Africans Use South Africa and it’s Passport as a Gateway to Claim Asylum in Ireland & UK

EU style Supremacy comes to Southern Africa. Do Africans even care about their own identity, languages or culture?

Lesotho’s former Army Chief assassinated by Soldiers – USA surprisingly takes note and is “Deeply Concerned”.

Generous Apartheid era handout of R50bn per year still funds 50% of Swaziland’s, 44% of Lesotho’s, 35% of Namibia’s and 30% of Botswana’s entire government revenue.