ANC Takes R9 Billion From PRASA to Pay for e-Tolls! With No Brakes, Cellphones, Radios, Guards, SAPS or Money, The PRASA Train Has Derailed & Crashed Yet ANC Vultures Continue To Plunder it!

When Corruption Becomes Deadly! PRASA Heading For A Train Crash With No Brake Sets in Stock! South Africa Being Turned into a Train Wreck!

40% of Metrorail trains are out-of-service either for maintenance, vandalism, arson or accidents; only half the rest have the standard 12 carriages

Metro Rail’s path of destruction is just getting worse under the ANC regime

Cape Town MetroRail under pressure, hires minibuses to transport commuters

Prasa to fork out R1bn in backpay as it reinstates 700 dismissed workers

Criminals ‘Kill’ Train Service