There you have it! – Chinese Bank Takes Absolute Control Over All Eskom Power Stations In South Africa If Default In Payment Plan Transpires

Struggling airline under ANC control is apparently under extremely difficult financial circumstances and will now be rescued by commercial banks – This is the result of corruption and incompetence, celebrated in the ANC ranks

More borrowing, Eskom secures R1.5 billion loan from French Development Agency, they are so deep in trouble, how on earth will they pay it back?

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Brace yourself, tougher times are still ahead

Land Confiscation Will Redistribute Poverty, Not Wealth! 180 Billion Rand’s Mortgages, Food Production and SA Economy Will Be Destroyed

Greedy World Bank Endorses Land Expropriation Without Compensation! Happy to Profit From Poor SA’s Misery, Debt and Destruction

Toll Fees, Petrol to add to consumer debt burden

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