Two More Murders Of White Men In SA. Nothing Mentioned In Mainstream Media

‘Just Kill Him, Brother’: A Widow’s Harrowing Story Of South African ‘Farm Attacks’ The Mainstream Media Dismisses

Foreign newspaper Daily Mail took notice of horrific crimes against whites in SA: WHY IS THE WORLD SO SILENT ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA? – For one simple reason; The victims are white.

White minority in South Africa is under attack, mainstream media remains silent

31 Farm attacks, 2 Farm murders in South Africa: 1-15 May 2019 – Mainstream media not covering these atrocities and ANC government denies their existence

Farm murders, ongoing violent atrocities being committed on a daily basis are largely being ignored by the mainstream media and denied by the ANC government: National protest on 29 April 2019, remember to wear black

Not reported by mainstream media: Farm Attack: Elderly couple shot during farm attack on Primkop Farm

Double Standards – Mainstream media is silent about racial hatred towards whites