SA mining houses are closing one after the other due to Eskom load shedding

Government of Zimbabwe owes SAA R880 million

Dumb Twit!! SA will overcome load shedding like apartheid, says Ramaphosa

SANDF splashes R20.5m on luxury German cars, but says funding shortfall is impacting on maintaining military base in Centurion

New scam doing the round in SA, people are now renting dead bodies to scam life insurers

MINISTERS ‘FINANCES MUST BE REDUCED – Taxpayers are picking up the bills for home cleaning products, security improvements and cellphones

SAA’S business rescue position – Bankrupt SOE will be restructured,no further bailouts to be handed out – Are their wings finally cut?

Taxpayers funds ANC government failures – the country is suffering while ANC cadres live in splendor

Motor giant Ford must fork out millions of Rands after Kuga model endangered human lives

SCAM ALERT! Numerous shoppers lured to stores on Black Friday with fake promotions – Did you fall into this trap?

Unclaimed pensions amount to R51 billion – wonder if the money hungry ANC regime will lay a claim on it?

President Cyril wants to squander R25bn of taxpayers’ money on projects in Northern Transvaal

Farmer Cyril is also affected by poor economic conditions – 22 of his 46 workers are laid off

State-owned bus company seeks R350 million bailout

State’s salary bill milking state coffers dry, yet Jan Van Riebeeck and whites are regularly chosen as scapegoats for ANC regime failures