The unbridled destruction and vandalism of schools continues in South Africa and already costs the taxpayer millions of Rands – Yet the Afrikanas insist on quality education and free education while continuing their looting

Does MEC for Education really have our children’s best interests at heart – Lesufi is going to leave 14 000 learners stranded- Latest action by the department is contrary to the Constitution which clearly states that every person has the right to basic education

African mentality in SA exceeds all expectations – If we fail then we burn down the schools!

Schools in SA are lawless institutions serving as training centers for criminals and not for educational purposes

Four schools torched in a week: It’s a disgrace! – Hundreds of children will be affected by the vandalism

Who are you trying to fool Lesufi? – Education Dept Will Protect Afrikaans Language In Schools

Over 30,000 Grade 1 And 8 Gauteng Pupils Yet To Be Placed for new school year

School governing bodies outraged over plan to strip them of powers

ANC’s Genocidal Social Engineering denies bursaries to non-African language teachers

Afrikaans Teachers “Outside” the Education System?