Breaking News: Pretoria train crash – Fingers pointed at ANC “negligence” for deadly collision

Verkeerde diagnose by Steve Biko- akademiese hospitaal ontaard in lewensgevaarlike kanker wat vrou se hele gesig skend

Farm attack, Waterval North – Elderly victim severely beaten over the head by savages for two cellphones

World Cup ’95 Winner Nake Drotske, Saves Family But Shot 3 Times In Farm Attack In Pretoria, Os du Randt, Children and Family Unharmed

Liberal media in both SA and USA are angry after Trump appoints former South African Lana Marks as US ambassador in Pretoria

Prasa buys 174 bakkies, minibuses at a cost of more than R57.6 million of taxpayers’ money… just to park them pointlessly, some of the vehicles already have scratches, and others don’t even start any more

Parents warned about new drug following the hospitalisation of 14 Pretoria school children

How safe are our your children when it comes to public places in SA? This question arise after the recent Dros incident where a 6 year old girl was raped in the bathroom

Steve Biko-hospitaal – Meeste hysers buite werking

ANC in Gauteng will not wait for parliament – implementing expropriation of land without permission

Farm attack, man critical after being shot in front of daughter (6)

Chaos strikes again at Steve Biko hospital

‘Unhappy’ security guards march in Pretoria

A group of ANC members plan to shutdown to pressure Zuma to quit

Planned “illegal marches” by military veterans cause concern