Eskom’s municipal debt rises to R23.5 billion – Lets face it! Management and board of directors do not possess management skills to run this entity

Eskom – in return for R59bn bailout from National Treasury, Eskom must recover Soweto, municipal debt

Eskom drowning in debt, will need R69 billion to service its overflowing liabilities

Eskom problems not solved yet – Possibility of load shedding exists in the coming months

Eskom could be facing yet another corruption scandal with regards to the high demand of coal

Bankrupt Eskom pleads for another government bailout as debt climbs beyond R450bn

Thank you SA for voting ANC – SA is broke thanks to the thieving done by ANC cadres in government

Hostage drama continues – Eskom holds ANC regime prisoner, parasitic parastatal seeks further R59 billion to squander

Shale Gas energy can help Eskom to contribute to greener economy, it is a pity that there is no money for this initiative and underground water can be destroyed

Eskom may be peddling its problems – now wants to sell some of its power plants to cut losses due to maintenance costs

Medupi and Kusile power stations are still “off the grid” due to poor construction work, corruption and cost overruns

Trade unions are going to “support” the unbundling of Eskom in fear of job losses

Eastern Transvaal village of Kriel suffers huge air pollution due to Eskom coal power station

Cash strapped Eskom left red faced after court bans 3-year contract of R350 million for lubricant purchase

Cash-strapped, Eskom’s top managers who earn R1,5 to R3m a year, demand pay hike since no salary increase was given