Western Cape recovers after severe drought – dams average content achieved 82%

VIDEO: Liberalism At Its Finest: Materialism, Consumerism, Ego, Drugs, Guns & Real Bullets in the Coloured (Mixed Race) Heartland of Socialist South Africa

VIDEO: Australia Becomes Complicit in Genocide! Denies Asylum to Victim of Racist Rapist Who “liked seeing white people suffer”!

The pathetic Justice system in South Africa:- Cape Town surfer ‘murderers’ were out on bail for hijacking

Good heavens, NO BUSINESS OR PERSON is safe anywhere anymore:- Intruder breaks into Cape fire station

It is definitely a FACT that fires are deliberately created by humans to destroy our beautiful country

Racist EFF Attacks “Eureka” White Settlement But Ignores Hundreds of Larger Blacks-only Towns Like Soweto Which is More Race Pure Than Orania, 1,000 Times Bigger AND Doesn’t Pay its Own Bills!

Patricia de Lille reveals name of new political party: Good

The Democratic Alliance are set to file criminal charges against Juju and Floyd Shivambu

Western Cape passed the biggest Public Education Reform package in 24 years, but will this be successful and will everybody comply

On a lighter but serious note:- A well-known Action Movie personality to visit South Africa to tackle a survival fight

Cape Town’s warning to Festive Season motorists:- Pay outstanding fines or risk arrest

Water restrictions to be implemented again: Government to announce water allocation before month end

Marginalised Minorities are Gatvol in The Cape as Gatvol Capetonians Gathers Momentum…

The MyCiti bus strike continues in Cape Town