A new law could soon see South Africans jailed for lying on their CV, well I see less Politicians in the Parliament

Justice Minister Dismisses Court Order after Januzs Walus is still in custody due to the assassination of terrorist Chris Hani – this while ANC comrades who have committed political crimes have long been released

It pays to be a criminal in SA – Sorghum beer, drugs found in Westville prison search

The DA vow to jail Jacob Zuma “for 15 years” if they win the 2019 Elections, maybe it its just an elections tool.

Your money are being spend again:- South Africa’s prisons to be extended to alleviate overcrowding, but there are more and more ‘holiday’ seekers coming

Cape Town’s warning to Festive Season motorists:- Pay outstanding fines or risk arrest

They live like kings in prison, no wonder the young terrorists wants to go to jail:- Child killer’s lavish lifestyle in jail being probed

UPDATE:- Hannah Cornelius trial: Judgement set to be handed down on Wednesday (today)

Only in SA! – Inmates often try to break out of prison‚ but one man decided to go the other way: he broke into a prison facility to try to steal an official’s car

EXPOSED: Sex, porn and corruption at Modderbee Correctional Centre in Springs

Corruption doesn’t pay – Magistrate sentenced to years in prison