Ramaphose is shifting the blame, says that Zuma’s ten year reign are the reason for all the problems of South-Africa – usually they always blame the white man and his apartheid

‘MK Veterans’ up for police promotion were still in nappies during apartheid

We know that FW De Klerk is sick, now the BLF is worried he might die before he can be punished

After 25 years white South-Africans are blamed for the failure of the Rainbow nation – But why?

A TYPICAL SOUTH AFRICAN BRAIN TEASER – how are they going to spin the VBS bank debacle in such a way that the white man is to blame for all of this?

Liar liar, pants on fire! – Ramaphosa blames apartheid and state capture for ailing economy

Ciryl Ramaphosa blames state capture, apartheid for ailing economy

Rand Water cuts blamed on Apartheid

EVIL APARTHEID OF THE BOERS – Google it yourself

Malema: “Whites are the safest people in South Africa”

The Lesson of South Africa For The West – new Black government fail to stop the murders of whites

White man Pieter Howes wants to be pro-black and supports the EFF

The nationwide bus strike will enter its sixth day on Monday

Double Standards A Symptom Of The Fundamental Differences

Johan Pienaar’s trampling of the old SA country flag at Stellenbosch Woordfees