Playing the race card when all else fail – Zuma: I’m being victimised because I’m black

White Population in SA subjected to slow genocide – 16 reported deaths in September alone

SAPS members are involved in Pretoria drug trade, says Tshwane MMC

WATCH | SAPS refuses to arrest drunk traffic cop after causing accident

Afrikaner Barbarism the order of the day at DUT – 9 students set fire to security officer – Student grievances degenerate into lawlessness

This is no small change – Bedfordview Licensing Station employee arrested for for fraudulently registering vehicles to the value of R1.2-million

Syndicate, corrupt officials and even police officers work together in illegal land grabs

Continuous service protests by barbaric protesters in SA threaten people’s safety

Over 500,000 people have been murdered in SA since 1994 – country currently has one of the highest murder rates in the world at 36 per 100,000 people

Rats infest Durban CBD because of uncollected rubbish on the streets, Business and tourism now being threatened

Economic growth and housing in South Africa are not keeping up with population increase- housing shortage is a disaster waiting to happen

Life for Public Protector, gets hot – complains of death threats and incident where staff are poisoned

Joburg is a danger zone! Residents are exposed to dangerously high levels of uranium creating grave concern over the health impact of the mining industry on city-dwellers

New Justice Minister apparently wants to modernize and digitize courts in SA, which gives the impression that Africa has already lagged behind with Industrial Revolution in the 18th century

State hospitals in SA frequently makes news headlines and not because of good medical care! – Addington hospital in flames, 84 patients had to be evacuated while elevators were out of order