Be vigilant! Criminals won’t be taking holidays – Farm attacks, murders, rapes, home invasions will still be taking place and you can be the next statistic

Farmer Cyril is also affected by poor economic conditions – 22 of his 46 workers are laid off

State’s salary bill milking state coffers dry, yet Jan Van Riebeeck and whites are regularly chosen as scapegoats for ANC regime failures

Firearms amnesty: SAPS biggest distributor of illegal firearms and ammunition

Political chaos reigns in Gauteng over mayor’s office – DA and EFF in battle, IFP might walk away in victory

R84 million Free State Cuban Technical Advisers Program died a sudden death without solving the “water problem”

Vandals tear R6.6m car wash apart, Tshwane spokesperson blames the weather

Whites are only 7% of the world’s population, yet the darker races will always hate us and here is why:

Transnet wasted almost R50 billion, most of which is used to buy trains that cannot be used in SA

Two SA doctors are making revolutionary advances in malaria research

Farm owner behind bars after killing intruder in car – How corrupt is the SA legal system!

Elderly couple violently brutalized by 7 armed barbarians during farm attack

Fishing trip ends in tragedy – Man stabbed to death while fishing with friend at Emmarentia Dam in Joburg

Ramaphose’s dreams on new job creation opportunities are not taken seriously – bigotry and mismanagement go hand in hand amidst the ANC-regime

Its still theft, no matter what you call it! ANC regime continues land expropriation without compensation policy