New mayor of Johannesburg hails from the ANC after coalition between DA and EFF failed

SAA’S business rescue position – Bankrupt SOE will be restructured,no further bailouts to be handed out – Are their wings finally cut?

Taxpayers funds ANC government failures – the country is suffering while ANC cadres live in splendor

ANC regime has driven SA to junk status – GDP drops by 0.6% in 3rd quarter – SA is going to struggle to get rid of its economic crisis

Largest and busiest police station in Free State in dire condition – Once again proof that the current government cannot maintain the country’s infrastructure

Debt ridden Eskom shutting down power plants it can’t afford to fix and increasing the risk of #rollingblackouts- We can thank the incompetent ANC-regime for this!

ANC wants to speed up expropriation process during Christmas holiday season

The perils of being white in South Africa – The slaughter continues but it is being ignored by the world

#Whitelives don’t matter – slaughter of white farmers in SA on the increase: 46 Farm attacks, 3 farm murders

Coffin duo gets a lighter sentence after successful appeal

ANC’s failed Medupi not only poorly erected, but also poses great dangers to man, animal and environment due to toxic gases released

Zuma in the last trench – application for appeal rejected

Medupi still not complete after 12 years – It is a wonder that they haven’t blamed old Jan yet!

Cut your nose to spite yourself! Metro rail train services canceled in Cape Town following arson attack

Unclaimed pensions amount to R51 billion – wonder if the money hungry ANC regime will lay a claim on it?