White farmer in trouble with the EFF and IEC, they WANT to campaign for next year’s Election

Give back what you stole! –Supreme Court decreed that Zuma must “pay back the money”  for his legal costs

EFF councilor from Limpopo arrested after alleged involvement in robberies

EFF WHEELS COMING OFF – Malema’s party is facing serous legitimacy problems

What a shock, look here how much the municipal top management earn, and you are paying them:- The ‘Fat Cats’ of this country’s Municipalities

Double standards of racism – ‘One Settler One Bullet’: UCT student congratulated by vice chancellor – Can you just imagine if a white student had done “One Bantu, One Bullet”?

Will this fight ever stop? DA again at De Lille’s throat after charges laid

And there goes the taxpayer’s money up in flames AGAIN:- MyCiti bus attacks cost City of Cape Town R10 million

Transport Minister, Blade Nzimande, says he is going to “moer” motorists who aren’t paying e-tolls

parents are livid in Gauteng, due to that the schools have reached it’s capacity

Municipal managers, which include a lot of technical bankrupt municipalities, now earn R3.9 million a year for doing nothing actually

BREAKING NEWS:- Jason Rohde found guilty of murdering his wife

You may want to know why foreign investors are not investing in South Africa

Malema in trouble as Gauteng High Court grants warrant to seize his assets, hope they look under the bed.

The Minimum wage bill imminent and are definitely coming, most likely to be effective as from January 2019