Cheeky Watson pleads ‘not guilty’ to charges of fraud and money laundering

Former adviser has encouraged the South African government to bailout ESKOM (the-bottomless-pit) otherwise load shedding will just continue

R7 billion Durban upgrade project in harbor stopped due to fraud

Oues se skokverhoging op Discovery-opsie

The Gupta’s holiday is over:- South Africa and UAE sign extradition agreement

No wonder the state-owned weapon manufacturer Denel, is currently experiencing financial problems and faces bankruptcy – Head of finance fired after allegedly found guilty of fraud and unlawful use of funds

Malema in trouble as Gauteng High Court grants warrant to seize his assets, hope they look under the bed.

BREAKING NEWS:- Bosasa Scandal: President Ramaphosa says he will turn son in, if found guilty

So here we go again:- SAA will receive ‘final’ bailout of R5 billion, says Department of Public Enterprises

Beplande Nasionale Gesondheid versekerings projek vertraag weens geld te kort, aangesien ANC se staatskas leeg is a.g.v korrupsie

Breaking News:- Beware of armed robbers posing as courier service in Pinetown

And there goes our money, again with a fired Transnet boss will still be paid R3 million for doing nothing

Vacant positions at The Bheki Mlangeni Hospital in Soweto apparently sells for money and sex

What’s happening in this country of ours – Looks like you can kiss your gun goodbye…

Cyril Ramaphosa appoints commission of inquiry into Public Investment Corporation