Controversial Panyaza Lesufi’s online registration system plunges schools across SA into total chaos

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Nine black schools in the Northern Transvaal close because of 0% pass rate

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Taxpayers fork out more than R76m for funeral cost of ANC veterans

De Lille reveals over 3,000 Public Works employees do business with department and 300 of those employees have their own companies

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Eskom is now clearly lying, obfuscating and playing with words after it came to light that they are planning to pay out R1, 8 billion in bonuses by saying that it is 13th cheques, not bonuses.

38,9% Is The ‘Real’ Matric Pass Rate, According To The DA

Unpalatable brown water pours from taps in Parys due to many years of poor maintenance and neglect by the incompetent ANC-regime

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