Ramaphosa on begging mission in London to save corrupt & mismanaged SA from economic ruin. How much will #BlackPrivilege score this time?

DStv customers, check your bills: “Thousands” have been overcharged for September

DStv cuts affordable package with KykNET – Pensioners must now subscribe to premium package if they want to watch their favourite Afrikaans soaps

Trade unions are rejecting ANC’s plans to sell non-performing SOE’s

Old steel industry closes its doors due to poor economic condition in SA caused by ANC regime’s inability to govern country effectively

SA steel consumption is at its lowest levels in a decade – ArcelorMittal previously known as Iscor may close some of its South African plants

South Africa stuck in longest downward cycle since before Apartheid (1945)! Ramaphosa tries to talk it better…

Milco SA Consortium will take over Clover company

Telkom plan to switch off ADSL completely and exit copper entirely

Sasol, world’s biggest manufacturer of fuel from coal is said to plan sale of its SA coal mining unit – Hopefully not to China?

Businesses go bankrupt in SA – Not only Edcon is struggling to keep head above water, many companies are closing their doors and causing unemployment

Imported milk from Poland is causing SA dairy farmers to suffer financially

African Wealth Report – The richest cities in South Africa vs the rest of Africa

Anti-mass immigration violence forces Nigeria to nationalize some of its SA businesses such as Shoprite and MTN

“Xenophobia” or Invasion? Eight South Africans Killed but Only TWO Foreign Nationals Dead in Recent Anti Mass Immigration Violence!