BREAKING NEWS: Sans Souci teacher will keep her job after hitting learner

WATCH VIDEO Clifton Beach: Savages slaughter sheep during “sacrifice” on the shores of the Cape in protest action to “cleanse the beach of racism”

Stadium in Cape Town, which was built for the 2010 Fifa football cup, is basically unused and is a burden on taxpayers and bankrupt municipalities

Patricia de Lille reveals name of new political party: Good

On a lighter but serious note:- A well-known Action Movie personality to visit South Africa to tackle a survival fight

Cape Town’s warning to Festive Season motorists:- Pay outstanding fines or risk arrest

It appears that South Africa has become the breeding ground for ISIS – “Only the foolish believe ISIS is not operating in SA”

We know that FW De Klerk is sick, now the BLF is worried he might die before he can be punished

Is this Patricia de Lille’s farewell present:- She approves R4.5 million budget for Cape Town’s Festival of Lights

Patricia de Lille wants to waste R4.5 million for a one night party

Cape Town MetroRail under pressure, hires minibuses to transport commuters

“Land or die”, “land is not for white people” – Illegal land grabbers outside Stellenbosch say they are not going anywhere

Hermanus violence, policeman attacked robbed of pistol and shotgun

R8 Billion Foreshore Freeway project abandoned by City of Cape Town

Has “South Africa” gone forever? Living as a stranger in your own country… no longer proudly South African!