Malfunctioning ANC regime is pushing agriculture across an economic abyss and is calling for the destruction of SA’s food security

TAU SA: Draconian idea of ​​expropriation without compensation by ANC regime cannot continue – South Africa and its inhabitants too precious to implement dangerous policies that threaten fundamental economic and other structures and systems in the country

TAU SA warns against Land Panel report regarding land expropriation without compensation – urban dwellers as well as any landowner will be affected

ANC-regime still denying that farm attacks and murder is a problem – Increase and brutality of SA farm attacks escalated by 60% between 1999 and 2019

The ANC regime now wants to loot your pension money to save their struggling state entities

Trump has caused quite a stir amongst the Libs in SA with his recent Tweet

Farmers have to cede a quarter of their farms for BEE

R100 000 reward for proof that land was stolen by farmers