Will South Africa end up like Zimbabwe? No, very much worse

On-duty security guard robbed of his rifle during robbery

Eskom nearing collapse, senior officials jump ship

Some ministerial homes vacant for eight year while millions of rand have been spent on their upkeep, funded by you the tax payer

Self-Defence Gun Ban – The ANC Government Wants You Murdered

WATCH | Online Incompetence – E-filing system worst example of Affirmative Action BEE

VBS Mutual Bank fires workers – staff members are now being penalized for actions that was made by the bank’s corrupt management and directors

Patricia de Lille wants to waste R4.5 million for a one night party

To point your finger in SA can bring you into a lot of trouble these days, prosecutor is currently facing assault charges

Metro Rail’s path of destruction is just getting worse under the ANC regime

E-filling system was at risk of collapsing as a direct result of a decision made by suspended commissioner Tom Moyane

The naked truth about land reform in SA – successful land claimers prefer to take money and not land

That’s how the taxpayer’s money is stolen! – Department of Public Works spends R300 million on rent for buildings and parking spaces that do not exist

Bankrupt Mangaung Metro does not have money for service delivery, but can spend a whopping R4.5 million during a festival

FOUR of the most notorious liberal traitors to the Afrikaner nation- Smuts, Voster , De Klerk and Botha