SA’s high unemployment rates are swept in front of Eskom’s door

Eskom cannot deliver sufficient and sustainable power, ANC regime now approves alternative options

Cape Town Municipality demolishes shacks at illegal informal settlement

SA chrome firms warn of more than 1,200 job cuts – Eskom’s unreliability and rising tariffs were some of the main reasons for the layoffs

R11m from SA Lottery goes to cousin of National Lotteries Commission boss

State-owned Landbank become the first SOE to be downgraded to junk by Moody’s

Cash-strapped SAA cancels 38 domestic and international flights

Open Borders Kill! Mozambican Gardener WANTED As Suspect in Brutal Execution of Elderly Port Elizabeth Couple

White Residents go to Court to Take Over Municipal Services After Black Municipality Collapses. They Have Already Taken Over Water Treatment Plant After Water Stopped Running

Communism Fails in SA Too! ANC Admits Half of State Owned Land Lies Fallow as its Communal Farming Scheme Fails!

Eskom drops electricity price bombshell – Consumers will pay ‘50% more’ for electricity if Eskom beats Nersa in court

Alexkor, SA state-owned diamond company is on life support

SAA director resigns from his post amid crisis at state entity

Poor economic conditions in SA cause job losses

According to experts, Telkom has approximately 4,500 excess staff who are believed to have a direct impact on the profitability of the entity