VIDEO: Australia Becomes Complicit in Genocide! Denies Asylum to Victim of Racist Rapist Who “liked seeing white people suffer”!

What a big booboo by Cyril:- SA borders ‘need to be open for Africans to move freely and to promote business’, and what business will that be Cyril, more white farm murders, stealing, robbing and violence, OR are you playing the New World Order game!

It is reported that Cyril has no solid economic policy, is that why he is just borrowing money from everywhere?

South Africa tightens borders ahead of troublesome festive season, but will this really help?

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Hundreds of thousands of foreigners illegally in SA

The DA outlines immigration plan to deal with our ‘porous borders’

New trend to help cash strapped SA, pay R4 if you want to use the toilet at Home Affairs

After a Quarter Century of Black Rule in SA, “Blacks” Still Blame “Whites” For EVERYTHING! When will blacks appropriate accountability, responsibility, duty and honour?

Fed-up members of public force their way into Randburg Home Affairs after ‘early closure’

Anc Has Secret Business Deal With Oppenheimers

Gigaba distances himself from Gupta’s