Stellenbosch University is being accused as a racist institution after previously disadvantaged groups are flaunting allegations left and right

Murdered While Smoking On His Porch, Just For His TV, Phone & Tablet – White Lives Are Only Worth The Gadgets Blacks Can Fleece From Them, Because White Employment is Sanctioned

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The perils of being white in South Africa – The slaughter continues but it is being ignored by the world

Whites are only 7% of the world’s population, yet the darker races will always hate us and here is why:

World’s richest man, Bill Gates visits SA with the aim of providing assistance to poor black people of the country, but no help for the impoverished whites

Face of new DA leadership set to be all white with Steenhuisen taking position of Parliamentary leader

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It is always about race! Great dissatisfaction under ANC government because white men hold most management positions – capable men now have to make room for incompetent BEE candidate

Nashua’s CEO resigns and plans to emigrate – He is one of hundreds of senior executives leaving the country because of government’s discriminatory measures to harm whites in the workplace

Stats SA data confirms IRR survey which shows that whites in South Africa experience more racial discrimination than other groups

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