The ANC’s plans to combat crime in SA are failing

Parliament’s lipservice on crime leads to country’s downfall – SA needs action now to stop crime and not empty promises and threats

SANDF totally useless in Western Cape – ANC regime loses fight against crime

ANC losing the crime battle in SA? – 52 murders daily and has the highest rape rate with 65 000 reported cases a year

N3 Highway between Gauteng and KZN dangerous at night, be vigilant during school holidays

The ANC Accountability – In just over 25 years, a godless, communist government has managed to “rule” a once prosperous country to the brink of bankruptcy

So this then is the picture the world sees of law and order in South Africa?

Do the ruling communist ANC government actually think that by removing guns will stop crime in South Africa?

Elderly not safe in this country: 82 Year Old Man Bludgeoned To Death and wife seriously injured during house robbery

Vicki Momberg back in the dock to apply for leave to appeal

Gerrie Nel, Trevor Manuel, Vusi Pikoli are State witnesses in SARS ‘rogue unit’ case

Increase in reports of corruption in 2017 – Corruption Watch

Crime in South-Africa are completely out of control

Two farm attacks in the Waterberg district in the last 48 hours has left Democratic Alliance (DA) leader in Limpopo, Jacques Smalle, calling for more to be done