Cyril lost his shine – Now His Own People Is Hunting For Him

“Voetsek Cyril Ramaphosa voetsek!” – Saftu threatens to make South-Africa ‘ungovernable’

Zuma had intended to arrest Cyril Ramaphosa instead of step down

WARNING GRAPHIC: Shocking TORTURE Of WHITE South African Farmers – Report By CONCIT – Australia – VERY GRAPHIC – Not For Sensitive Viewers OR Children

The ANC distances itself from Zuma as corruption trial looms

#FARMATTACK: Woman (44) Shot In Lower Back And Then Raped In Front Of Her Young Children

The Zuma trial means his toxic legacy will haunt SA for years to come

#FARMMURDER: Farm Foreman (61) Shot Dead On Farm In Ellisras

#FARMATTACK:  Farm Manager Tied Upside Down Hacked To Death, Wife Raped, Ladybrand

#FARMATTACK:  Elderly Man (79) Severely Beaten Up In Bushy Park Smallholdings – Port Elizabeth Armed Robbery

Mabuza:’ land must be returned to the landless.’

Today is a full day of hearings into corporate scandals in Parliament

Ramaphosa’s presidential salary one of the highest vs other world leaders