The controversial Gangster State books and apartheid flags fill up ANCYL garage, so they are keeping keepsakes, how awesome #FREEDOMOFSPEECH

Another close ally of Ace Magashule has been poisoned, suspected whistle-blowers have been living in fear.

WHO really is in charge?…Ace is the “Secretary General”, but he has more power in the internal workings of the African National Congress (ANC) than Ramaphosa himself. New Dawn?

ANC-regime is blatantly misusing our money on its own election campaign, the Free State SOPA expenditure is going to cost the taxpayer more than R2 million

House robbery and attack of the elderly or age persons are gradually becoming the order of the day in South Africa – 80 year old man tied and ‘hung up’ with wire, wife shot in mouth

Thousands of social support applications found dumped in a field in the Free State – Can the government explain how did this happen and confirm whether the applications were processed before they were dumped

Attacks on elderly becoming more brutal each week – Elderly woman’s face crushed in after savage farm attack in Free State

Disastrous ANC has no cure for poor healthcare in the Free State

Numsa members responsible for the devastating fire of a factory in Ladybrand

And so your sin’s will catch-up with you – Vrede Dairy Farm intended beneficiary found dead

Ace Magashule ‘gives away’ Pierneef painting worth more than R6m

High infant death rate in dysfunctional Pelonomi Regional Hospital in Bloemfontein

South African politics has never been so interesting, Jacob Zuma’s name is on the list of Free State parliamentarians, will have to see what happens to pro-Zuma and anti-Ramaphosa factions in due time

Kovsies: White students and their history are not welcome on campus – EFF is now in control

Total Anarchy reigned after a 1000 landgrabbers illegally occupied Free State farm