Barbaric Raids On SA Farms Continue – 11 hind leg tendons cut off sheep during latest farm invasion! Live stock and produce stolen on regular basis

SA rail transport system plunged into chaos, train derailment and collision often occur due to infrastructure theft

Black Business Council senior businessman and buddies receive bail after they stole about R5.7 million

Fidelity guards buried R2.9m of stolen money in their back yard in ice-cream containers and refuse bags

SANDF is unable to be proactive in addressing crime and the lack of discipline in its own ranks – Loss of 58 weapons and nearly 8000 rounds of ammunition is disturbing

Ramaphosa’s share in SA’s dilapidated state is questioned and his latest press release is inconsistent: “I did not deliberately mislead Parliament about R500 000 Bosasa donation”

Criminals target Johannesburg clinics, facilities without electricity after cable theft – Services at the clinic have been temporarily suspended

SABC treading on thin ice – SCOPA chases SABC away after the state entity could not provide necessary information about unlawful expenses of R4,9 billion

This how the people behave in SA who are supposed to uphold the law! – Hawks member found guilty of stealing R3.7K during raid

Police gun found in farm attacker’s possession

Farm worker arrested after farm murder, Albertinia

SANDF unable to protect bases against theft and ‘looting’

R100 000 reward for proof that land was stolen by farmers

What to look for in banking phishing email scams to prevent being robbed.