Video: “I Am F*cking Tired of Trying To Survive in This Goddam Country!” Afrikaner Survives Yet Another Attack!

In SA where there is a shortage of schools, it has become a norm to torch the few that is left – North West school torched during barbaric incident

Police brutality ignored – 40,000 Criminal charges against SA police, only 532 cases have led to prosecution

Orania student-teacher accused of raping a minor while attending Volkskool Orania: Accused born and raised in Orania

African barbarism intensifies throughout SA – Protests, riots and arson are the order of the day when Bantu can’t get what they want

Jacob Zuma back in Supreme Court – conviction could lead to a long time behind bars for the former ANC leader

Agrizzi, who testified about State Capture and allegations of corruption, bribery and tender fraud, still has the ax above his head and will be subject to cross-examination

Corrupt NSFAS officials steal students’ money and rob young South Africans of their opportunities for a better life

Police woman rents out her service pistol to criminals for R30 000 to rob her units office

Black lawyer from Cape Town says ‘rape elderly white woman and kill her afterwards’ on FB profile

SA woman caught with 528 grams of heroin hidden in her vagina at Mauritius airport

Brutal farm murders and attacks in SA – Israeli team arrives in South Africa to interview farmers and evaluate situation

Mom chops off penis of man she believes raped and murdered her daughter

PROTESTS in SA – a prime example of barbaric conduct enforced by violent protesters that destroys whatever they can find and set fire to anything that can burn

Barbaric savages threatens to kill woman if husband tries to fight back during house robbery, Langebaan