ANC Fails To Provide The Basic Human Right to Water & Sanitation in Many Municipalities Like Wolmaransstad. Local White Community Members Have To Jump in

Calls for Death to Americans at US Embassy in South Africa – SACP chant ‘One American, one bullet’ outside US embassy in Pretoria

De Ruyter has an impossible task of saving bankrupt Eskom

Stellenbosch University is being accused as a racist institution after previously disadvantaged groups are flaunting allegations left and right

Bankrupt power supplier is struggling to maintain electricity grid and diesel generator units are used to prevent #rollingblackouts

ANC regime has driven SA into bankruptcy over a 25-year period

Why do people vote for same leaders who don’t deliver services?

SA’s high unemployment rates are swept in front of Eskom’s door

Eskom cannot deliver sufficient and sustainable power, ANC regime now approves alternative options

Cape Town Municipality demolishes shacks at illegal informal settlement

SA chrome firms warn of more than 1,200 job cuts – Eskom’s unreliability and rising tariffs were some of the main reasons for the layoffs

R11m from SA Lottery goes to cousin of National Lotteries Commission boss

State-owned Landbank become the first SOE to be downgraded to junk by Moody’s

Cash-strapped SAA cancels 38 domestic and international flights