Ramaphosa has moral obligation to take a stance on farm murders, his excuse not to air his views on farm murders does not make sense at all – this is insulting, to put it mildly

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Our looters of tomorrow….sorry I meant leaders of tomorrow:- Pupils go on looting rampage after march to Luthuli House (video)

Port Elizabeth’s New Sh*thole – SAPS Barracks at Mount Road reflects sad reflection of ANC-regime incapability to reign SA

What is the police hiding? Why don’t they want to investigate the Death of Nadia Stephanie Bond? Could it be that the suspect’s daddy attains a high position or have friends with high ranks?

Illegal land grabs in North West province took place during the weekend and SAPS were unresponsive, ignoring calls for help – Notice the cars driven by the land thieves in the picture attached

So this then is the picture the world sees of law and order in South Africa?

Absconding thief who robbed a group of people of their mobiles was a police officer

New SA at its best – Incompetence and lack of maintenance the reason why Automated Fingerprint Identification System at SAPS is not functioning

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On-duty security guard robbed of his rifle during robbery

Self-Defence Gun Ban – The ANC Government Wants You Murdered

Welcome to the new South-Africa where crime is increasing and faith in cops decreasing

Suspects dressed in SAPS uniforms robbed woman of bank cards and cash and rapes her repeatedly

Police gun found in farm attacker’s possession