SA characterised by chaos and violence – Angry protesters barricaded roads with burning tires and set bus alight in Eastern-Cape

South Africa needs stronger leadership and increased budgets in mental healthcare

More borrowing, Eskom secures R1.5 billion loan from French Development Agency, they are so deep in trouble, how on earth will they pay it back?

NEHAWU is making numerous demands -“We are not in the march because we are lazy to work” – Yeah right, and you think we must believe you?

Robbers stole 50 firearms during robbery in the Eastern Cape

Poverty hit record in 2018 due to SA riots over poor services

New trend to help cash strapped SA, pay R4 if you want to use the toilet at Home Affairs

Government’s so called land reform projects a complete failure – four former productive farms in the Eastern-Cape now derelict

Probe exonerates Livingstone Hospital in death and maggots row

Robot-aided surgery now available in Eastern Cape Province

Biggest scam in SA history discovered involving medical malpractice lawsuits – state lawyers robbed SA blind of nearly R80 bn

Attack on doctors at public hospitals in South Africa sparks security concerns

This is how ANC wastes our hard earned money – Government spends R117 Million on a road to nowhere

South Africa: “Violence is the only language our government understands”

Firearms stolen during attack on police station