Controversial Panyaza Lesufi’s online registration system plunges schools across SA into total chaos

Another black school up in flames reducing the number of schools for black learners

Nine black schools in the Northern Transvaal close because of 0% pass rate

Grade 9 Certificate almost official – learners will now be able to leave school sooner and of course unemployment rate will also rise

38,9% Is The ‘Real’ Matric Pass Rate, According To The DA

The Other Elana Barkhuizen: 3 Years After Fake Racism Allegations, Still NO Apology To Annel Engelbrecht of Koeitjies & Kalfies Creche From Racist Panyaza Lesufi!

#TheAfricanWay – Another day, another black school burns down – Black learners may now have to get their education in traditionally white schools?

ANC Secretly Expropriating Afrikaans Too! Quietly Pushing Through Proposed Basic Education Law Changes Over Xmas Holidays!

Planned content for sex education in state-run schools is nothing but “soft porn”

Sex education taken too far? Randfontein High School has 34 black pupils who are pregnant – No doubt they will soon be standing in the queue for Child Grant as well

In SA where there is a shortage of schools, it has become a norm to torch the few that is left – North West school torched during barbaric incident

ANC-regime’s ‘Two-year’ matric grand plan flops as only 8% of progressed pupils pass – But they still blame Verwoerd for the current flaws in education system?

Trade union group Solidarity unveil R4.5bn plans for “alternative Afrikaans education system”

Planning for the next generation! – Solidarity is launching a R4.5 billion project – including an alternative Afrikaans school system and university

South Africans could soon be jailed for these CV lies, so be warned!