Malema turning up at white privileged event

Malema refused to confirm or deny allegations that he is ‘maybe’ behind farm murders

Malema: “Whites are the safest people in South Africa”

Malema threatens the whites with a revolution that will be the highest form of anarchy

Watch: Malema admits black people are not native to South Africa

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Wednesday again issued a call to poor black South Africans to occupy unused land illegally

Malema is a black racist, says Moeletsi Mbeki

Madness of the new SA, how does the victim become the criminal?

Catch A New Tune From Time To Time, Please Guys!!  –  Paul Kruger Statue In Pretoria Must Go To Make Place For A Statue Of Winnie Mandela – If You Don’t Take It Down, We Will –  EFF