Cleaning project at Nelson Mandela Bay worth more than R5.8 million struggles to kick off, one can only imagine where taxpayers money disappear to if it is not being used for the original purpose, certainly into some very fortune politicians ‘wallet ?

Foolish decision by controversial municipal manager sends off a major disaster, can it be attributed to corruption or incompetence to make decisions wisely?

With the ANC regime in power in SA there are at least 24 municipalities under administration, all due to general incompetence of officials

What a shock, look here how much the municipal top management earn, and you are paying them:- The ‘Fat Cats’ of this country’s Municipalities

Municipal managers, which include a lot of technical bankrupt municipalities, now earn R3.9 million a year for doing nothing actually

Unnecessary excessive expenses that taxpayers has to fork out! Johannesburg City Council is considering a tender application of R1,2 billion for a fleet of vehicles

Bankrupt Mangaung Metro does not have money for service delivery, but can spend a whopping R4.5 million during a festival

Facts to know on what is the “Great VBS Bank Heist” all about?

No wonder municipal service delivery is so poor in SA because 50% of city councils bosses are not qualified for the position they currently holds

Nelson Mandela Bay’s budget is being allocated to poor areas – Could it be true and will poor white communities also benefit?

This is how ANC waste taxpayers money – After a year, R20 million’s Casspirs has not yet made their appearance

The DA is just as bad as the ANC party – Fire trucks under DA’s management, broken

City of Joburg: An electricity bill from hell – Man billed R17m for water and electricity

Businesses won’t pay the municipalities … but ESKOM directly

Traffic police will now have to do foot patrols in Emfuleni district after Bidvest seized municipal vehicles