Expropriated Land Stolen Without Compensation Will Be Returned And ANC & EFF Comrades Will Be Held Accountable – Boere Afrikaner People’s Council

ANC wants to speed up expropriation process during Christmas holiday season

Misappropriation of R5.8 bil, Afriforum to lay charges – NHI violates constitution

IFP renews calls to debate on death penalty – Will the death penalty be a magic solution that will make crime disappear or will it be used in our unequal legal system to punish the innocent?

ANC has been accused of exploiting land expropriation without compensation issue as an electoral tool to garner votes – this political party suddenly decides land issue is urgent and must be tackled before election

BREAKING NEWS: The constitutional review committee has adopted the report to allow for land expropriation without compensation despite objections from DA and smaller parties

Will this fight ever stop? DA again at De Lille’s throat after charges laid

Wonderful News:- R500m to recruit health professionals, buy beds and linen

Black South-African farmer pleads with parliament to leave land constitution alone – land expropriation without compensation, don’t do it!

Land expropriation: Limit land ownership to 12 000 hectares per white farm owner and give the rest to the state without compensation says, says Mantashe

ANC opened door for land grabs in South Africa

ANC-regime wants to reinstate censorship to control the content of the Internet

Zuma won’t let Public Protector dictate to him on #StateCapture inquiry

Act Of Stupidity Or Not?