Rise in farm attacks in South-Africa sends jitters among farmers and rural communities

BREAKING NEWS:- Five farm attacks in 48 hours leave rural communities in shock

South Africa: 28 farm attacks, 1 farm murder in November 2018

Porterville farm attack: Extreme hatred and violence meted out – “Kill the boer, Viva Juju ” and ” Viva EFF ” – Still the government is denying the harsh reality of farm murders!

Double standards at SAPS –  Attack at doctors living quarters get more attention than gruesome farm attacks and murders

Terrorists threaten to throw fuel over a farmer near Potchefstroom and set him on fire during farm attack

WATCH VIDEO | How Long Will The White Farmers Of South Africa Survive?

Everyday a farm attack is taking place in South-Africa, this is the naked truth – White genocide at its best and the ANC is denying it!

So called experts say that there is NO evidence of ‘white genocide’ in SA!

Second farm attack occur within minutes, man assaulted, Koffiespruit

Another gruesome farm attack – female victim attacked with machete, Machadodorp

Three hour farm attack – Terrorists ties family up, each tortured with hot iron

Barbaric torture, rape and murder in South African farm attacks

Cyril Ramaphosa still denies that these tragedies exist – 9 farm attacks including 4 farm murders in 6 days in South Africa

Still, Cyril says everything is ok in SA – Two farm attacks have been reported in the past few hours, where two men who lost their lives