South Africa is at the Brink: A country governed by chaos, violence and malice – There is no rule of law

Farm attack, man critical after being shot in front of daughter (6)

Farm attack, couple shot at whilst sleeping, six arrested, Still Bay

Yes, it’s a genocide, ‘a bloody one’ too

The Lesson of South Africa For The West – new Black government fail to stop the murders of whites

6 Farm attacks and 2 farm murders took place on Sunday, Man fatally shot, woman injured in Komatipoort farm attack

Hartbeesfontein farm attack: farmer shot 5 times by thugs

Oppressed White South African Minority Arm Themselves to Defend Their Farms, Family and Freedom (Video)

Over 200 Persecuted White South African Farmers Have Applied for Refuge in Australia

Afriforum’s Kriel – I don’t think apartheid was a crime against humanity

Sixteen firearms stolen during farm invasion in Waterval Boven

Belgians visit SA to find out about white poverty, farm attacks

Farm attack outside Ladysmith – workers tied up and firearms stolen

The Farmer is The Farm That Produces YOUR Food – Killing the Farmer Kills the Farm and all the Food it Produces!