SA has been plunged into a total state of mayhem while the president is on tour to recruit white, black and brown votes

Land Grab in progress! Yet, President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa once again said that “Land Grabbing has not happened in South Africa?

The news was dominated this week by two infamous slaps- Wonderfully reserved and well behaved Rainbow Nation you created, hey misters De Klerk and Mandela. We just go slapping our way through the week

ANC Youth League: “We’ll burn the Cape Town Airport down” – The scary mentality of people who will soon take over the leadership of the country!

BREAKING NEWS:- Another Farm Murder: Elderly couple slain in Western Cape

WARNING:- Strand police are looking for suspects in latest cyclist attack (graphic content)

Corruption in the South African police force are getting out of hand – 9 officers arrested on charges of corruption

Here are the most infamous clients Pete Mihalik has represented, now one can only wonder, was this a professional hit?

Cape Town battling a wave of land invasions and related protests

“Land or die”, “land is not for white people” – Illegal land grabbers outside Stellenbosch say they are not going anywhere

Train burning saga – is there more that meets the eye?

R8 Billion Foreshore Freeway project abandoned by City of Cape Town

Democratic Alliance challenges Ipsos poll report

Constable arrested for theft of 18 guns at police station

Watch: Cape Town cash-in-transit heist captured on camera