The Black First Land First (BLF) movement claims it has no money to pay legal costs as cases pile up, well, it’s easy, shut your mouth then

DA acknowledges the fact that his leftish party can not take the lead during the coming elections without forming coalitions

Violence will be knocking at your door declares BLF after IEC refuses to register the party for municipal elections in 2019

Former adviser has encouraged the South African government to bailout ESKOM (the-bottomless-pit) otherwise load shedding will just continue

The DA report BLF group to Human Rights Commission for “kill whites” comments

What a joke so brace yourself:- Hlaudi Motsoeneng will run for president in 2019

South Africans may now vote without an address next year! – Wonder how many illegal voters are now being smuggled across the borders to push up the ANC voting numbers?

An election on George highlighted the unique issue of the white voter yesterday – there is no recognizable difference between the parties, just the color of the T-shirt!

Eastern Transvaal election campaign: Vote ANC and you get a house, in one case a bed, a toilet and a stove was promised as a bonus

Good heavens, here we go again, the waste of taxpayer’s money:- Port Elizabeth, the Airport and Uitenhage set to be renamed, here are the new options

White farmer in trouble with the EFF and IEC, they WANT to campaign for next year’s Election

Marginalised Minorities are Gatvol in The Cape as Gatvol Capetonians Gathers Momentum…

No surprise:- 5 reasons why the EFF doesn’t practice what it preaches

This is how election campaigns work in SA, you give a free T-shirt and the vote is yours

Land reform will cause war in SA because it’s unconstitutional – Mosiuoa Lekota