Public hearings on bill to allow schools to sell alcohol – Leave the booze alone and educate our children

South Africa is at the Brink: A country governed by chaos, violence and malice – There is no rule of law

ANC failures, Rand falls to a 6.5 month low

It pays to work for parliament – barman at Parliament earns R24000 a month!

ANC’s anti-apartheid stalwart Andrew Mlangeni warns ANC government that Afrikaners will not go down without a fight

The Lesson of South Africa For The West – new Black government fail to stop the murders of whites

ANC Put So Much Thought Into The New SA Flag, But None Into How to Run the Country, It Is Now Falling Apart – Justin Barrett, Irish National Party

Premier of North West still feeds on taxpayers’ money after resignation and suspension

Proposal of political analyst: ‘We don’t just want land, we want property too’

ANC Has Until Friday To Pay Up R300k Or Face Having Property At Luthuli House Attached

Mangaung Metro Municipality – Free soccer tickets for the poor but no funds available for service delivery

Cash strapped state airline SAA goes on spending spree

Bucket toilets still reality for thousands – And the ANC-regime probably blame this on apartheid as well?

Cosatu urges Ramaphosa to sack Motsoaledi – While you at it sack the rest of the incompetent ministers as well!

Mampara of the week goes to….Jacob Zuma!