Spare the rod, spoil the child – Giving your child a hiding at home remains illegal!

China invests millions in SA – South Africa is not for sale. This country cannot be sold out to anyone!

7th Brics loan worth R7 billion to be granted to the SA National Roads Agency, controlled by ANC regime will probably not be used for optimal benefits for road users

There’s a suggestion that Bathabile Dlamini may be deployed as an ambassador for South Africa. Can you think of a worse representative for our country?

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278 pieces of state land identified for redistribution in the Western Cape – more land that would become useless when distributed among incompetent people

Malfunctioning ANC regime is pushing agriculture across an economic abyss and is calling for the destruction of SA’s food security

South-Africa: Since apartheid was abolished, 1,000,000 people have been raped, 500,000 killed

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Pay back the money Zuma! – Nkandla in VBS liquidators’ vision – cough up R7m or lose Nkandla