African mentality in SA exceeds all expectations – Is there still environment where education can take place peacefully – Violence is destroying education system, burning down schools in black neighbourhoods is increasing

It’s totally ridiculous, at least better than the new Life Orientation curriculum – New school subjects to be introduced after the ANC regime commited itself to “revolutionizing skills”

Disgruntled community members torched primary school following a protest against lack of electricity – How stupid can you be, asking for free education and now this?

VIDEO: Diabolic Sex Program from United Nations, Comprehensive Sexual Education for Primary School Children, is horrific

Can this be true with our pass rate of 30%? University of Johannesburg rated among best of world’s universities! For Marxism Perhaps?

MEC for Education racist rant: FF Plus requests investigation into Lesufi derogatory statements when he referred to white learners as “klein basies

WATCH |Teacher in SA monitoring grade 11 pupils writing mid year exams, with gun

Planning for the next generation! – Solidarity is launching a R4.5 billion project – including an alternative Afrikaans school system and university

Markets give negative verdict, dark picture is being sketched despite the political euphoria surrounding Ramaphosa

Public schools may no longer turn away learners due to age , SA pupils can now theoretically still sit at school desks even if they are 25-years old

Only in SA! – 300 Primary School Teachers Fail Grade 3 English Test – 30% pass Matric rate is clearly showing

Video: The Southern Oceans Are Getting Greener and Cooler, Proving “Global Warming” Alarmists WRONG, Again

South Africans could soon be jailed for these CV lies, so be warned!

Celebration surrounding the first private school in Vosloorus may be short-lived, as it is operating illegally

Videos of Cape pupils having sex ‘at school’ go viral – If this is shocking, then think what will happen with the new Life Skills curriculum being introduced to schools in near feature