Controversial Panyaza Lesufi’s online registration system plunges schools across SA into total chaos

Another black school up in flames reducing the number of schools for black learners

Nine black schools in the Northern Transvaal close because of 0% pass rate

Grade 9 Certificate almost official – learners will now be able to leave school sooner and of course unemployment rate will also rise

Matric class of 2019 will struggle to find jobs – SA Youth unemployment rate rose to 58.2 percent in the third quarter of 2019

38,9% Is The ‘Real’ Matric Pass Rate, According To The DA

The Other Elana Barkhuizen: 3 Years After Fake Racism Allegations, Still NO Apology To Annel Engelbrecht of Koeitjies & Kalfies Creche From Racist Panyaza Lesufi!

Rumours that the minimum pass requirement for maths has been “reduced to 20%” is fake says Department of Education- Or is it?

#TheAfricanWay – Another day, another black school burns down – Black learners may now have to get their education in traditionally white schools?

A New Year & A New Decade: More Communist Self Enrichment, Globalist Destruction of Identity & The African Way. You AiNtCeen Nothing Yet!

Fort Hare University collapses and once again apartheid is to blame for the decline

ANC Secretly Expropriating Afrikaans Too! Quietly Pushing Through Proposed Basic Education Law Changes Over Xmas Holidays!

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Sex education taken too far in SA as 120,000 teenage pregnancies recorded in 2019 – Comprehensive sex education not decreasing pregnancies but increasing abortion profits, as planned!

Gauteng is in chaos following controversial Lesufi’s plans to place white children in black neighborhoods