Children in SA are starving – One out of ten children had to go to bed hungry last year

13.8 million people in SA, are living on less than R19 a day, according to the 2019 Household Affordability Index

Air travellers in SA – Bring your own food, union says, as strike threatens airport catering services

Only 36,000 Commercial Farmers left from 72,000 that provide food for 58 million in SA, yet they are hunted and slaughtered like animals, and the ANC regime denies this threat to food security!

SA Poverty Line – it costs R561 a month to consume just enough kilojules to prevent starvation – this while ANC cadres are wining and dining with taxpayers’ money

To eat or not to eat at Wimpy? – Wimpy investigates claims of food tampering after customer alleged that her husband’s meal was spiked with feces

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